Chapter 8 added

Chapter 8 gives an overview of the vibration of nonlinear systems. This is rather tricky material, but it will be essential for the next chapters which will look in detail at bowed strings, and then wind instruments.

Chapter 7 now complete

A first complete draft of Chapter 7 is now in place. This explores some of the physics that allows you to tell the difference between the many types of plucked and struck stringed instruments. By the end of the chapter, we begin to encounter important nonlinear effects. Those set the scene for Chapter 8, where nonlinear effects will be surveyed more systematically.

An extra bit for banjo fans

A postscript has been added to the discussion of the banjo, a new section 5.5.3. It augments the previous discussion with some new measurements showing the effect of changing the banjo bridge to a wide range of alternative designs.

Chapter 6 added

A complete draft of Chapter 6, on hearing, perception and psychoacoustics, is now in place. This one has taken me rather outside my area of expertise, so I hope I haven’t said anything too misleading.

Chapter 4 now complete

The gap left by attacking Chapter 5 before Chapter 4 has now been filled in. I think it should now read continuously from the start to the end of Chapter 5 (so far). Some loose ends to be tidied up, though.

Chapter 5 taking shape

Chapter 4 is on hold because of a need to get Chapter 5 drafted. That chapter now has a lot of content, mainly about plucked-string instruments but a bit about the vibration behaviour of violin bodies as well.