5.5.4 Testing different banjo necks

Here is an informal listening challenge to try. Necks were fabricated from four different timbers, but all other details were nominally identical. The necks were fitted in turn to the same banjo pot, and several recordings were made of the same tune. The question now is: can a listener recognise which neck is which?

A set of these sound files has been trimmed to the same short snatch of music in each case. First, you hear these played using necks which are identified by their timber choice. After that, there are 5 files labelled A–E. These contain one example of each of the four timbers, plus a second recording made using one of them. Can you marry these up with the first four sounds?

Sound 1. A neck in walnut
Sound 2. A neck in white oak
Sound 3. A neck in mahogany
Sound 4. A neck in maple
Sound 5. Test sound A
Sound 6. Test sound B
Sound 7. Test sound C
Sound 8. Test sound D
Sound 9. Test sound E